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Created in Cavan launched!

The new food and beverage brand for County Cavan, ‘Created in Cavan’, was launched on Wednesday, 26 February by Ireland’s favourite chef, Neven Maguire.

This exciting new brand, with its bold, distinctive logo, will provide consumers locally, nationally, and on the international stage with the assurance that they are purchasing food or drink that has been lovingly created by dedicated local producers to reflect the unique landscape and culture of County Cavan.

‘Created in Cavan’ also gives food and drink producers from the county a platform to showcase their wares, communicate their unique food story, and empowers the food industry in Cavan to cement its place amongst the best food counties in the country. 

A new directory of Cavan food and drinks producers was also launched on the day and new website is on the way! 

For a copy of the new food directory or for more information on ‘Created in Cavan’ and the Cavan Food Network, or to get involved, please email Deirdre at or follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram 

Click here to download Press Release 



Caption: Chef Neven Maguire                                   Caption: Martin Gaffney & Rocky Grenell, Designworks;

                                                                                   Jonathon Scott,  Scotts Cider; Deirdre Donnelly, Food

                                                                                   Strategy Coordinator and Brendan Jennings,

                                                                                   Cavan County Council