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Taste of Cavan 2019 Recipes

Taste of Cavan is one of the highlights of the foodie year in County Cavan. 

2019 saw fantastic numbers through the doors and there was a real sense of comadarie between chefs, exhibitors and the members of the public who all have one thing in common - a love of food! 

With so many cooking demos taking place over the weekend we thought we would compile a list of 28 of our favourite recipes from this year's participating chefs.

You can view our 48 page recipe book, by clicking here on "Taste of Cavan 2019 Recipe Book"  We hope that you enjoy this free download.

Contributions are from noted Cavan Chefs: Neven Maguire, Gearóid Lynch, Adrian Martin, Shane Smith, Norbert Neylon Daniel Willimont and Elena Martinez Otero alongside recipes from Brian McDermott, Simon Delaney, Máire Dufficy and Jeeny Maltese.


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