Cavan continually inspires itself and those who visit the place whether on business or having fun. Here, it’s the people and the place that make Cavan special.

County Cavan is not just a county. Cavan is an approach to life and business. This is Cavan and we don’t compromise that the county is, and is recognised to be, one of the most forward-thinking, inclusive counties in Ireland – if not the world.

We have the resources and environment to inspire innovation, to nurture ideas, and the skills and know-how to bring them to life. 


The county is led by a special collaborative team of organisations and groups, together managing the proposition for the county, promoting Cavan for investment and as a tourism destination.

The unique & distinct characteristics of County Cavan are what defines the people and this place, and our team leads, supports and inspires enterprise and tourism development in the county.