People recognise that County Cavan is unique, but it isn’t just its lakes, drumlins, festivals and a range of attractions and services, it is also a unique idea about what makes Cavan special…

The central idea is simple, accessible and true - Cavan always surprises!


People also recognise Cavan by the distinctive ‘look’ of our brand identity design ‘This is Cavan’ - the unique combination of name and logotype and type style, the icons and our unmistakable color palette. Used together, these elements form the simplest, most powerful image of our county.

For further information and support, please don’t hesitate to contact the This is Cavan team at

We encourage  everyone involved with the promotion of Cavan, to use part of our brand identity - whether based in Cavan, elsewhere on the Island of Ireland or overseas.

Using the Brand

If you would like to use the brand in any way, please have a read of the following 'Brand Usage Request Form'.

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