Cavan Tourism re-opens

Tourism industry in Cavan prepares to reopen doors

As County Cavan joins the rest of country in carefully beginning to reopen its economy, the hotel and tourism sectors are looking ahead for ways to safely restart during the summer months. Tourism businesses in Cavan are reassuring visitors that they are going above and beyond to keep guests safe.

On June 24, 2020, Cavan Tourism and Cavan County Council announced the “Clean & Safe” certification. The county’s hotels, tourism attractions, cafés, activity providers, and restaurants can apply for this stamp of approval to show that they are compliant with all the HSE and Government guidelines for the prevention and control of COVID-19. This is designed to reinforce visitors’ confidence in the safety of Cavan as a destination. Businesses can receive the seal and sticker for their business window once they certify that they are fully compliant with the guidelines.

“We are fully aware of the need to support our tourism businesses as they begin to open again. We also need our guests to feel safe and secure and also that local communities get used to the idea of visitors again and that they are confident that tourism businesses are adhering to the highest standards of safety,” said Joanne Hayes, Cavan County Tourism Officer.

“Everyone is getting ready for reopening,” says the Cavan Crystal Hotel's Michael Hanly, a member of the Cavan Tourism Network. “We are looking forward to a busy summer as we open our doors. We would like to reassure visitors to Cavan that all the guidelines are being implemented and that they can expect a superb experience in the hotel, and across the county.

“Although Fáilte Ireland is working on a national accreditation for tourism businesses, we felt it was important for Cavan businesses to also highlight our local commitment to dealing with the Covid crisis and driving on with the new normal,” added Mr Hanly.

As is the case everywhere, local travel is expected to resume first, and Ms Hayes is keen to emphasize the wide variety of experiences available to visitors in the county. “We have some of the most beautiful lake and mountain landscapes in the country: Cavan Burren Park, fantastic canoeing and kayaking, a new cycle trail at Killykeen Forest Park, the Geopark, great food, golfing and fishing, the WW1 Trench experience at the County Museum and lots more.

“The warmth and hospitality of the Cavan people is still here, and our purpose is still intact—welcoming everyone and creating memorable experiences in the county. We want to assure everyone that are still doing that.”

Cavan Tourism, under its tourism brand ‘This is Cavan!’ is also launching a new online marketing campaign in early July to coincide with the re-opening of the tourism industry. The tourism and hospitality sector employs over 3,200 people in County Cavan.

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