Moneygashel Cashel

‘The finest of its kind in South Ulster’

Moneygashel Cashel is located not far from Blacklion in West Cavan in the heart of the Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark. Here you'll find the remains of three stone Cashels, one of which has been described as ‘the finest of its kind in southern Ulster.’ The Cashel dates from the early Christian period.

A cashel is a secure circular enclosure which accommodated houses and animal shelters. This area also boasts evidence of much earlier settlement and ritual with the nearby court tomb and standing stones. Moneygashel Cashel is part of the Gowlan Looped walks and is within a few miles of Cavan Burren Park, the Shannon Pot, Tullydermot Falls and Whitefather's Cave. Click here for directions to Moneygashel Cashel.

    cavan burren

Moneygashel Cashel                                                      Nearby Cavan Burren Park

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